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As per Clause 2(I) C of ABLE Constitution, the amendment was approved in AIC of ABLE that any serving executive can become member of ABLE irrespective of LDCE or Non-LDCE, OUR AIM IS TO GET JUSTICE TO ALL


26 MAR 2018:  Letter to Hon. CMD BSNL for delay in implementation of Hon. SC order dated 11.08.2017 :  GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji written letter to CMD BSNL regarding inordinate delay in implementation of Hon. Supreme Court order dated 11.08.2017.  In spite of submission of several letters to Director HR and GM (pers) with request to implement Hon. SC order dated 11.08.2017, no action has been taken even after laps of seven months period. <<<Letter>>> 

08 FEB 2018:  Status of LDCE Seniority Case in SC :  LDCE seniority case listed for hearing on 06.02.2018 is postponed due to leave of Hon. Judge. The case is listed on 13.02.2018 for final hearing.

03 FEB 2018:  LDCE 2015 Case: Hon. High Court fined BSNL Rs. 25000/- for non-compliance of order :  The petition filed by BSNL in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh CWP No. 1096 OF 2018, against the Hon. CAT Chandigarh order to explain the reason for non-compliance of the direction of the court is dismissed by Hon. High court Chandigarh with cost of Rs. 25000/-. The amount of fine is to be deposited by  BSNL in the account of Punjab and Haryana High court Employee Welfare Association within one month. <<<Judgment>>>

19 JAN 2018:  Stay vacated in CPSU Case in Ernakulam :  The senior counsel for the applicant submitted that the applicant do not wish to stand in the way of board to take a decision on scheme of CPSU Hierarchy but the approval of this scheme should not be without all stakeholders including applicants. Hence Hon. CAT vacated the stay on CPSU Hierarchy scheme  and directed BSNL to take decision on this scheme but any action consequent to such approval, if given, will be initiated only after 10 days after publication of this scheme in its approved form on in the official website of BSNL. <<<Judg>>>

11 JAN 2018:  Status of LDCE Seniority Case in SC :  Our case was listed for hearing on 11.01.2018 as non-miscellaneous matter. But Hon. Supreme Court declared the week from 08.01.2018 to 12.01.2018 as miscellaneous work week. Since the chances of complete hearing on miscellaneous dat is remote. Hence our advocate requested the Hon. Bench to list the matter on any non-miscellaneous day. Accordingly, the matter is posted for hearing on 06.02.2018 high on board.

16 DEC 2017:  206 Case in Supreme Court :  Hon. Supreme Court disposed off the Civil appeal in 206 case with C.A. 4389 of 2010. Earlier Hon. Supreme Court issued interim order on 21.01.2015 and appointed expert committee for recommendation of seniority up to Seniority list No.17 in which SDEs promoted up to 1993 were covered.

BSNL tried to cover list No. 5 and all the executives promoted up to 2000 along with 147 in recommendations of expert committee. But  Hon. Supreme Court ordered that-

“ We do not consider it necessary to pass any further order on above recommendations except that 14 persons who are said to have been given promotions- 3 persons in the BSNL and 11 persons in the MTNL contrary to the law laid down be this court in (1997) 10 SCC 226 (Supra) may not be now disturbed.”  All other impleadment and interventions are disposed off without further order.

It clearly states that case 206 is applicable only up to list No. 17 in which only SDEs promoted in 1993 covered and seniority of only 14 persons are protected and rule 206 is rejected for all other promotions effected after list No.17  <<<sc_judg14122017>>>, <<<sc_order21012015>>>

15 DEC 2017:  147 Seniority Case in Supreme Court :  The appeal filed in SLPs filed in 147 SDE seniority case in the Hon. Supreme Court with C.A. No. 392/2017 came up for final hearing today.  After listening to petitioner and all the respondents, Hon. Supreme Court dismissed all the appeals, all the interim orders also stands dismissed and upheld the judgment of Hon. High Court of Kerala. It will revise the seniority of 147 SDEs as per order of Hon. High court of Kerala. <<<sc_judg121217>>> and  <<<Kerala_HC_Judg01072013>>>

15 DEC 2017:  Status of LDCE Seniority Case in SC :  The case of LDCE seniority came up for hearing but due to time constraint and misc day, court was up to 1 pm only. As per our advocate, the case is postponed to 11.01.2018 for final hearing on non-miscellaneous day to cover the arguments of all parties. The interim order dated 11.08.2017 continued.

07 DEC 2017:  Status of Seniority Case in Supreme Court :  As per schedule the Civil Appeal in seniority case came up for hearing, argument started and the demand of respondent and S. Sadsivan for modification of earlier order dated 11.08.2017 is repeatedly rejected by Hon. Supreme court. Our Sr. advocate was busy in other cases and not available for our case, hence the case is posted for final hearing on 13.12.2017.

27 NOV 2017:  ABLE won one more Battle in Ernakulam CAT :  The applications filed by S. Sadasivan and Thomas Zacharia in Ernakulam Tribunal to revise the seniority of JTO as per date of joining has been rejected by Hon. CAT Ernakulam on 16.11.2017. Hon. CAT Ernakulam clearly told that the challenge of the applicants cannot stand in view of law. This is great victory of LDCEans Kerala. Congratulations !!!

23 NOV 2017:  Government paves way for PRC approval:  Cabinet approves Wage Policy for the 8th round of wage negotiation for workmen in CPSEs. It paves way for PRC approval by management of concerned CPSE. Since BSNL has already sent the case to DOT. It is expected that PRC proposal sent by BSNL Board may be approved <<<Pressreport>>> 

10 NOV 2017:  Reduction of executive staff from Circle offices:  Hon. Director HR Smt. Sujata Ray directed the circles to limit  the staff strength at Circle office between 11% to 15% of total strength of the Circle irrespective of cadres and streams. The same exercise may also be done by CGMT office for all SSAs latest by 31.12.2017. <<<Letter>>>

06 NOV 2017:  CPSU Hierarchy Proposal :  The draft proposal of CPSU Hierarchy prepared by BSNL Corporate office. During last meeting of ABLE GS Sh. Rajesh Guptaji with PGM (Pers), it was stated that the draft proposal will be discussed with all stake holders / associations of executives. Now only four associations are invited for meeting on CPSU hierarchy proposal.

All executives are requested to go through the proposal and mail the para wise objections /suggestions if any on  <<< proposal>>>

03 NOV 2017 : Status of Seniority case in Supreme Court :  The seniority case  came up for hearing before Hon. Supreme Court on 02.11.2017 but service to some parties were incomplete as the acknowledge for receipt of notices were not updated, hence the case is listed for hearing on 06.12.2017. All the intervention applications are allowed. Sr. advocate of opponent tried to get stay on Hon. SC order dated 11.08.2017 but Hon. Court re-affirmed their stand by their earlier order dated 11.08.2017.  Now BSNL may restore the seniority list No. 6, 7 & 8 and can make the promotions as per seniority list dated 12.01.2005 <<< SC_order>>  

02 NOV 2017 :  DO Letter from Hon. CMD for precaution to prevent malware attack :  Hon. CMD BSNL Sh. Anupamji Shrivastava written DO letter to all CGMs to take all necessary precautions to prevent recurrence of malware attack <<Letter>>

24 OCT 2017 :  Seniority Case in Supreme Court: SLP has already been granted by Hon.Supreme court. The order  for issue of promotion  is already given by Hon.SC on 11.08.2017. On intervention of applicant in SLP the case is converted in to Civil Appeal. The case is scheduled for hearing on 2.11.2017.

24 OCT 2017 :  Guidelines to arrest decline in BSNL revenue: Corporate office has expressed serious concern over decline in BSNL revenue in this financial year. To arrest the decline corporate office has issues guidelines.  < Letter>



26 SEP 2017 : Letter to Dir (HR) :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji wrote a letter to Director (HR) for implementation of Hon. Supreme Court order dated 11.08.2017  as leave is granted by Hon. Supreme Court on 15.09.2017 and still circles are following seniority list of June 2015. It is also requested to endorse the Hon. SC order to all its units and make DPC with old seniority list No. 6 &  7 of DOT.

 16 SEP 2017 :  Great Victory of ABLE: SLP filed by LDCEans came up for hearing on 15.09.2017 and Hon. Supreme Court rejected the applications of respondents for modification of order dated 11.08.2017.  Hon. Supreme court confirmed the order dated 11.08.2017 with instruction to implement the order of court and leave granted. The applications of intervener admitted to listen their say and tentative date of next hearing is 02.11.2017 < Status of case>

9 AUG 2017 : Great Victory of ABLE!!! :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji written letter to Director (HR) for implementation of Hon. Supreme Court order dated 11.08.2017 with request to issue promotions as per Hon. Supreme court order.

Present order is not an interim order, it supersedes all earlier interim orders ( all orders prior to 11.08.2017). This order allows BSNL to make promotions on rota-quota basis as per para 16 of the DOTs affidavit.

9 AUG 2017 : Letter to Dir (HR) :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji written letter to Director (HR) for implementation of Hon. Supreme Court order dated 11.08.2017 with request to issue promotions as per Hon. Supreme court order.

Present order is not an interim order, it supersedes all earlier interim orders ( all orders prior to 11.08.2017). This order allows BSNL to make promotions on rota-quota basis as per para 16 of the DOTs affidavit.



18 AUG 2017 : Letter to CMD :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji written letter to CMD BSNL for implementation of Interim order dated 11.08.2017 of Hon. Supreme Court with request to withdraw earlier seniority lists and restore seniority lists of DOT as per directions of Hon. Supreme Court.

15 AUG 2017 : Best wishes for Independence Day !!! :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji extends best wishes on 71th Independence Day to all Executives and BSNL Employees. He also appealed to work hard for betterment of BSNL.

14 AUG 2017 : GREAT VICTORY!!! Grand success for LDCEans  Congratulations !!! Hon. Supreme court has modified all interim orders. Promotions are to be made on "rota-quota"basis. <<<Letter>>>

17 FEB 2017 : JTO to SDE Promotion case  :  The hearing of JTO to SDE Promotion seniority case completed today. The request of respondent for sending the case back to Hon. CAT Ernakulam not accepted by Hon. High court of Kerala. The argument is completed and the Judgment is reserved.

15 FEB 2017 : JTO to SDE Promotion case  :  JTO to SDE Promotion seniority case came up for hearing today at Ernakulam High Court. The argument could not be completed today and  it will be continued tomorrow.

12 FEB 2017 : Appeal to all LDCEans :  GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji appreciated all the LDCEans who have donated their PLI and some of our friends contributed another installment of Rs.5000/- in national fund. CHQ ABLE appleaded all the remaining LDCEans to contribute their PLI to national fund before 28.02.2017 so that we can finalize the senior lawyer for SC. All CS are requested to prepare list of LDCEans to pursue the fund collection of your circle and collect the paid list of your circle from CHQ Finance Secretary Sh. Uttam Khuspeji.

12 FEB 2017 :  Periodical Review for ensuring Probity and Efficacy among employees of CPSEs :  BSNL corporate office referred DOT letter and requested all CGMs to carryout periodical review of BSNL employees in a time bound manner for ensuring the probity and efficacy in all cadres who are attaining age of 55 years <<<Letter>>>

12 FEB 2017 :   Clarification regarding furnishing allowance :  BSNL corporate office issued clarification on furnishing allowance applicable to executives on transfer in the interest of service. <<<Letter>>>

05 JAN 2017 : Preventive Health Care : BSNL competent authority has approved that all the employees below the rank of GM are permitted to undertake annual health check-ups as per individual requirements as a preventive care measure from the various health checkup packages offered by the hospitals not exceeding Rs. 3500/- per individual within the annual ceiling of the employee. <<<Letter>>>

01 JAN 2017:  BEST WISHES FOR NEW YEAR 2017 :  GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji & CHQ President Sh. G. P. Patelji  conveyed best wishes to all executives for prosperous New Year 2017.    

20 DEC 2016:  No work No Pay for Strike dated 15.12.2016 :  BSNL  Corporate office issued instructions to all circles for compliance on letter dated 14.12.2016 regarding strike on 15.12.2016 on "No work No Pay" along with details of absence and deduction of pay. <<<Letter>>>

20 DEC 2016:  Amendment in BSNL transfer Policy :  Based on recommendation of review committee, BSNL corporate office issued amendment in Para 8 & 9 of BSNL Transfer Policy. <<<Letter>>>

20 DEC 2016:  Preparatory work for promotion to the cadre of AGM /DE(T) : Reminder  :  BSNL corporate office issued reminder to all circles for sending screening committee report in respect of all AGM /DE(T) adhoc whose names appearing in seniority list No. 5, 6 & 7.<<<Letter>>>

10 DEC 2016:  Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant :  DOP&T amended section 44 of Lokpal and Lokayuktas act 2013 regarding declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant.  As per the amendment of the act 2013, there is no requirement of filing of declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant. The government is in process of finalizing new set of rules. These rules will be notified in due course. All Public Servants will be required to file declaration of Assets & Liabilities as per fresh rules.<<<Letter>>>

10 DEC 2016:  Result of 1st Membership Verification :  BSNL corporate office officially declared the result of the 1st Membership verification and also mailed to all GS of the participating associations. Congratulations to SNEA for becoming No. 1 majority association and AIBSNLEA for No. 2 majority association. <<<Letter>>>

7 DEC 2016:  Updation / Entering of Staff No.(SDE) in ERP :  BSNL issued reminder to all circles and executives to update their staff No. / personal details in  ERP. <<<Letter>>>

06 DEC 2016:  ALERT !!! :  Friends, it is observed that some leaders of SNEA are spreading wrong message on their website as well as through whatsapp groups that LDCE issue will be resolved after MV. The information placed regarding financial support for Mumbai High court case is misleading. The RP was filed by Kalyan SSA and expenditure around Rs. 50, 000/was borned by LDCEans of Kalyan SSA. The expenditure for only one hearing is not more than 50,000/- in HC which is not entertained by High court due to non-agitation of point that non-joinder of affected parties by BSNL. It is in question, when CS SNEA was available in circle office Mumbai then why he kept silence till outcome of case in high court Mumbai?. If more expenditure is involved then he should produce bill of advocate to support his statement.  All of you aware that we were pursuing LDCE issue with these associations since last 1.5 yrs but their GS was telling this issue is closed. Now ABLE re-opened the case in Hon. Supreme Court with full confidence, these leaders are busy in misguiding our LDCEans with false promises. All of you might be remembered that one message was viral which was leaked as per letter of DS AIGETOA Warrangal, Telangana with instructions to try to weak ABLE. It is part of their game plan to dominate the LDCE executives. GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji appealed all members to vote only ABLE at Sr.No.4  and do not believe in such false promises. These promises are up to 07.12.2016 only and after that no one will receive your calls.

06 DEC 2016:  Message from GS ABLE :  GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji conveyed all executives that some representatives of other associations are sending confusing messages to our members. Do not believe in false promises. Your vote to ABLE will give Justice to LDCEans, non-LDCEans and BRs. Please go through the manifesto of ABLE to know the views of ABLE. He appealed all executives to Vote 'ABLE' at Sr.No. 4.


03 DEC 2016:  Appeal to all executives :  Dear friends, please go through the Manifesto of ABLE and views of ABLE on CPSU hierarchy before participating 1st membership verification. The policy of ABLE is transparent for all Executives. Either you are ldcean, non-ldcean or BSNL recruits, there is no extra weightage for particular group.  All executive should get equal justice either it is a case of pay parity, 3rd PRC, promotion or transfer. GS ABLE Rajesh Guptaji appealed all executives to support ABLE by casting your Vote at Sr.No. 4 for your bright future.

02 DEC 2016:  Alert for all Executives  :  Dear comrades, last 5 days left for the 1st Membership Verification and  you will experience that the representatives of other associations will approach you with commitment but keep in mind whenever we have approached earlier with groups of LDCEans to CHQ team of old association, they purposely conducted meeting seperately with reason that SCF executives will be disappointed.  Every time we are cheated by giving false commitment, but none of the association taken this important issue with management nor filed case in any court to get justice to both the categories of executives. Executives are retiring without promotions but now also same game is being played. All are executive are wise enough to understand. Be united and caste your Vote to "ABLE". 

30 NOV 2016:  Attention of All CS  :  Dear comrades, the list of LDCE2002, 2007, 2012 and 2015 is attached herewith for your information. It is requested to sort out LDCE wise and prepare sheet of LDCEans of your circle along with mobile number and mail it to . It is also requested to form a team in view of membership drive in your circle, please talk personally to each LDCEan in your circle. Please remember voting other association will not change your fate but your vote to ABLE will definitely change your fate. So all are requested to vote "ABLE" at Sr.No. 4. <<<ldce2002>>>, <<<ldce2007>>>, <<<ldce2012>>>, <<<ldce2015_OC_SC_ST>>>



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